Time Out Market, Lisbon

If you are looking for a place to eat then you will be spoilt for choice at the Time Out Market. A place that previously housed the city’s top vendors now brings together the best of the city under one roof. Its best restaurants, bars and cultural experiences. A once neglected building and neighbourhood was turned into a popular destination for both locals and tourists. explore excellent food from 32 restaurants, some overseen by Michelin-starred Portuguese chefs. Enjoy drinks from eight bars and cafes and also a beer experience which is put on by the beer company, Super Bok.

From Time Out Market you can visit the nearby Pink Street and Biarro Alto. The traditional fish, meat and fresh produce stalls exist alongside a huge food market. Whilst in the Time Out Market I would highly recommend trying out the famous Portuguese custard tarts which go down a treat after indulging in some of best food Lisbon has to offer.

Due to its popularity, the Mercado can get fairly busy around meal times. Opt instead to visit in the mid afternoon or even for a late-evening bite after you’ve rounded the bars. The food court is open until midnight Sunday through Wednesday, and until 2 a.m on Thursday to Saturday nights.

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