Aquila Private Game Reserve

The western Cape really does have it all. Pristine sandy beaches, Spectacular mountain ranges, evergreen vineyards and to top it off the Western cape has some glorious game reserves. Aquila which located roughly two hours away from the centre off Cape Town and a drive that offers stunning scenery through the Matroosberg Mountains and there’s no reason for you to drive – there is a shuttle that will happily collect you from a hotel close to home. Aquila is like an oasis set in the Karoo National park. At the hotel they offer swimming pools and outside bars to take the edge off the steaming of hot sun. When overall you can take in some of the traditional South African cuisine such as bunny chow and a hot Poke. After you have devoured your Poke then its time to hit the safari. Within five minutes of entering the reserve, we had spotted our first two elephants and a dazzle of zebra. That was quickly followed by a group of white rhinos together with wildebeest and springbok. On the way to the Lions enclosure we had managed to pass two big elephants who were on there way back from the watering hole. Metres away from the giants you get to see how amazing and wonderful these creatures really are. From here we entered the Lions enclosure. The lions have their own enclosure because the reserve is small they would eat all the animals within six months. Its also a great way to get close to the lion pack. Unfortunately for us the lions were up in the hills and could only see them from a distance. On the way out of the Reserve we passed the watering hole again and managed to get a sight of several hippos lounging in the water. There are many other ways to see the animals. Aquila offer horseback and quad bike safaris whit give a different and unique way of experiencing a safari and seeing all the variety off animals. After a long day on the safari you can head back to the hotel and take a well deserved massage in the tranquil spa.

Full day safari- R1930 (£100)
Quadbike safari- R2630 (£138)
Horseback safari- R2280 (£120)

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